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this lightened up Latin revision no end.

Anonymous asked: Hi, I am thinking of applying to Durham for history and I saw you're doing it there at the moment. Would you like ot wherever you did it or is Durham particularly good? People have told me it is but I don't know anyone who goes. X

Hey! That’s great! You should definitely come on an open day. Best decision I ever made. I probably would love History wherever I were to be, but there’s something special about here and the course is infallibly great. There’s one module I don’t like the lecturer for, but I still love the module because it’s organised so well, so it’s basically impossible for you not to find something that makes you happy. I guess you’re in lower sixth so you’ve got a while before you have to decide etc but if you want a History course that makes your insides squeal, give it a go. If you want to message me privately or whatevs, I’ll do my best to give you specifics! Good luck with everything!

Fountains Abbey busy being delicious yesterday.

Weather-wise it was a foul day, but I had the best day, regardless. Exquisite.

Can we just take a sec to appreciate that Terry Deary is coming to do a charity auction in our college bar next week!!!!!!!

The man himself.

I’m going to wear my ‘I <3 HISTORY’ t-shirt.

(I might not).


Chatsworth house, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

So we slept in the cathedral last night for charity, and was beautiful. There was an amazing moment around midnight where Saz and I were mucking with a balloon under the central tower, someone was playing Tom Petty on guitar, people were lying on their blankets around us, and just as we were saying how it felt like a scene from a film, confetti began to fall from the ceiling - there were people scattering it down on us from 60 or so feet above us. Absolutely gorgeous.

There’s a certain beauty in the fact that I was able to hand in an essay on the Venerable Bede at 4pm, then go and sleep under the same roof as him at 10pm.

I took this picture in November, as you’d figure from the orange of the leaves, but it’s so damn pretty. Durham, I love you so much.

We had a sleepover in our kitchen and it was really cute n nice.

As my friend pointed out, ‘couldn’t do that shit in a catered college’.

My current mood is happy.
This is partially because Peter Serafinowicz retweeted me.

However, similarly, because university is just so hnnnnng.

Happy happy happy happy.


Bunny, That Bowl Doesn’t Really Look Like a Comfy Place to Relax, But Okay

Thanks, Sarah and Daisy!