We’re inter-railing. Classic clichéd freshers, right?
We were in the Jewish quarter of Venice last night. It was good to be back.

Luce and I concocted the most incredible salad out of some bits and bobs…

Oranges, feta cheese, fennel, celery, spring onions and watercress - with a honey, orange juice, olive oil and cumin dressing. Divine!

Durham cathedral in a sparring match with the sunset for biggest babe award


Paul Simonon and David Bowie backstage at The Clash's concert at Shea Stadium

Exams are over!!!!!

Grandad knows what’s up.

This from a man also known as ‘Top Almost-Octogenarian’.

Sunset walks to shake off exam-induced wobblies

10 Struggles Of Being Not Fat, But Not Skinny Either ›

A friend of mine just shared this on facebook, and, indulging in the prime post-lunch procrastination lull that seems to spiral downwards from articles of genuine interest and/or importance, through a spectrum of buzzfeed quizzes, and into articles of absolutely no use to anyone, I clicked and read. This word-vomit-esque article definitely falls into the latter category. 

Does the author really believe that saying

The only thing that can change this is when a guy says “I would fuck you in that. ” A guy wouldn’t openly say that he would fuck a fat girl. So it must mean you don’t look fat. Right?”

is summing up what a fairly significant number of women think?


If she does, and if it is, surely she ought to address the issue instead of basking in a bowl of woes and seeing this as entirely normal and dandy. Some vague acknowledgement of the fact that this mindset is unhealthy would be a little reassuring. 

17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex ›

The sex education curriculum and programme could improve a lot even if it were just to discuss this one article.

Easter raspberry cheesecake fairy cakes!

'Get your arse out, mate': we turn the tables on everyday sexism – video ›

this lightened up Latin revision no end.